Our Glass Studio is located in the rural Hudson/ River Falls area, 20 miles east of St. Paul, MN. Our studio in a small building near our house. Whenever we are not at a fine art festival exhibiting our work, we are in the Studio blowing glass.

Our clear glass is kept molten at 2100 degrees Farenheit in a glass furnace. We heat, shape and blow the glass on a 5' hollow, stainless steel blowpipe. We apply layers of colored glass in either solid chunks, heated to a softened state, or rolling the heated clear glass into colored glass granules called frit.

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Once we've achieved the desired shape, we place the finished piece in an annealing oven to slowly cool the glass from 950 degrees Fahrenheit to room temperature. If the glass were to cool on it's own, it would break at around 850 degrees.



If you would like to visit our studio and have a private glassblowing demonstration, you may contact us to set up an appointment.