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Douglas Sigwarth has been both a visual artist and a performing artist since childhood. Born and raised in the Midwest, Douglas discovered the stage for his creative expression in his formative years. As an Iowa Arts Council Scholar, he completed his Bachelor of Arts with a theatre emphasis at The University of Northern Iowa in 1993. Upon graduation, Douglas relocated to the Twin Cities, where he met his future wife, Renée (Newgaard) Sigwarth, who was passionate about glassblowing. Her infectious enthusiasm motivated Douglas to follow her into the glass studio and pick up a blowpipe for himself. The couple exclusively studied studio glass at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for four years. They built their glassblowing studio in 2001 and have collaborated since as Sigwarth Glass. Shortly after the couple met, they learned that Douglas was a descendant of a family of glassblowing tradesmen from Germany who had worked in glass for generations. This revelation inspired the couple to forge ahead and build their career in contemporary fine craft in the medium of glass. Sigwarth Glass is known for its large-scale glass installations, with permanent collections at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (West Bend, WI) and The Museum of Art and Whimsy (Sarasota, FL). Notable corporate collections include The Elmhurst Memorial Hospital (Elmhurst, IL), Epic Systems Corporation (Verona, WI), Capitol Lakes PRS (Madison, WI), and Etain Health (Maplewood, NJ). Douglas expresses his unique vision, integrating his training in theater aesthetics and glassblowing to create an environment. In addition to his glass collaboration, Douglas is on the board of directors for The National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA) and the producer and co-host of The Independent Artist Podcast.



Since 2002, Will Armstrong has spent ten to twenty weekends per year on the road; bouncing between gallery openings, festivals and his studio. He has steadily racked up over half a million miles on his vertebrae and on a rotating cast of trusted (though admittedly abused) vehicles through those years.

The road holds countless stories and in his work, you will find them.

Tales of out of the way honky-tonks, movie palaces, cheap motels and barrels of gas paid on questionable credit; stories of both roadside dives or majestic theaters and the musicians that crawl in and out. The real show sometimes taking place on the street. Where does music come from? Where does it go to be heard? Sometimes the artist takes a fragment of a lyric out of context and tells a new story to change or re-emphasize the meaning.

Will’s work is the soundtrack to a road trip; songs and artists are embedded on the towns they made famous. Bo Diddley, Johnny Cash and Deke Dickerson are as much as an influence as Frank Miller and Heinrich Kley. The lines of the road have become indistinguishable from the lines of the pen; just as the subject from location.

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